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What is Frankie’s Razor Club?

Frankie’s Razor Club is an award winning idea to provide the highest quality razor blades for Irish men delivered straight to your door each & every month with no monthly subscription or contract. Become a member of Frankie’s and you Pay as You Go to enjoy premium quality blades at unbelievable prices that no supermarket or retail store could ever match.

How does Frankie’s Razor Club membership work?

No Contract. No Commitments. No Hassle. It’s that simple lads! Select your razor, delivery frequency, shipping address and secure payment details and that’s it. Each month you Pay as You Go and we’ll send you a fresh supply of new blades straight to your door every month. Remember, no contract, no commitments & no hassle so if you feel you don’t want to be part our ur club anymore, you can cancel with absolutely no strings or additional cost attached.

How can I join Frankie’s Razor Club?

To join the other 10’000+ Irish men that are exclusive members of Frankie’s Razor Club, simply select your razor, delivery frequency, shipping address & payment details and that’s it. Each month, we’ll send you a fresh supply of new blades straight to your door.

What will arrive in my first order?

You will receive a new handle and pack of blades based on the product you selected.

How can Frankie’s provide such high quality razors at such low prices?

Why are the razors in retail stores & supermarkets so expensive? Those companies have so many ‘middle men’ to get the blades from factory to the shelf and that’s costs quite a lot, so much that they have to hike up the prices of those razors you see on store & supermarkets. All the big well-known razor companies spend millions on worldwide marketing & ad campaigns, product launches, packaging & delivery etc. Here at Frankie’s, we cut out all those unnecessary middle men and deliver them straight to your door each month so you don’t have to pay for those high costs & salary’s all those other razor companies add onto the price. It’s that simple! Become part of our club today and start saving.

What if I don’t need new razors every month?

That’s no problem. You choose from every month, 2 months or 3 months to get your new blades delivered. We work around you and your beard’s schedule.

What are the benefits of using Frankie’s Razor Club?
  • The biggest benefit is we are saving you tonnes of cash if you buy our razors. We cut all the additional costs & ‘middle men’ other razor company’s use so we can give you the highest quality razor and such unbelievable prices.
  • We also ship the razors straight to your door each month so no need to run to the shops to buy razors. They will be waiting there for you every month.
  • No Contract. No Commitments. No Hassle. The biggest benefit to becoming a member of Frankie’s Razor Club is you Pay as You Go for our razors and you have complete freedom to change, upgrade/downgrade or even cancel whenever you want. No cancellation fees and no contact give you this freedom. Just Pay as you Go each month hassle free.


Can I alter or change my delivery schedule after I sign up?

When we say no hassle we mean it. At any time you can change your delivery schedule or even upgrade/downgrade your razor. Even for some unknown reason you want to cancel altogether, that’s no problem and no hidden fees. No Contract. No Commitments. No Hassle.

Remember, you only Pay as You Go so no ties or annoying contracts!

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees. All our prices are clear and as you Pay as You Go each month (depending on your delivery schedule) you only pay for the razors you receive.

Is the payment method secure?

We only use the most secure payment methods and we give you the chosen on how you would like to pay. We are 100% Irish owned company and have secure Visa & MasterCard payment system set up for all major cards and also offer PayPal Subscriptions (the world’s largest secure payment provider) as a payment option.


What Buyer Protection do I have?

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our product or service. Again, this is a no quibble guarantee and all you have to do is select the contact us link on our homepage to get in touch with us. We love our customers and if you’re not happy, we want to make you happy.


What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time with no cancelation fee! Log into your account, click account settings and select Cancel Membership. We would love to know if you do ever decide to cancel or have any issues with your experience and we’ll do the best to help you.


What if I want to upgrade or downgrade my package?

As we have promised, there are no contracts or hidden fees.  Simply log in to your customer account and cancel your current subscription and choose another that suits you better.  This allows you to change the type of razor and how often you receive it.   By cancelling your subscription you are not cancelling your account.  So, don’t worry about having to fill in the forms again.

Can I buy as a gift?

Of course you can.  It’s as simple as ABC.

A.  Simply purchase your favourite razor ensuring that you decide how often it is to be delivered.

B.  Go to the checkout and set up the account in the recipients name.

C.  Add your billing details and the recipients address to the shipping address and place your order.

It’s that easy!

This means that when you decide to stop paying, the recipient can take over the account and continue to enjoy fresh blades every month.

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